People spend gobs of money paying designers and decorators to gussy up their bedrooms, offices and living spaces, and make them more comfortable, but why should they stop there? After all, even on a blogger's schedule you only spend 80% of your day in your room—why should the outside world be dull and boring? Enter Swiss automaker Rinspeed and the new Sensosphere, a concept airliner cabin that turns boring white walls into relaxing moonlight vistas or calming oceanic sunsets.

Sure, you may need a few extra Valium to get you through a 14 hour transatlantic flight in a tube that makes walls pseudo-invisible, but dealing with your neuroses keeps flight attendants at the top of their game. It's still classier than sticking those glow-in-the-dark stars you used to have on your bedroom ceiling all over the cabin.


The Sensosphere Airplane Cabin [Via Luxury Launches]