If you didn't know about it already, anyone looking to pick up a really unique and inspired watch looks no further than Tokyoflash. Barcode Black, now available to the rest of us outside of Japan, is no exception to Tokyoflash's standard of rethinking how to tell the time. Could be that you're sitting there right now trying to piece together how exactly you could derive the time from this watch, but it's actually one of Tokyoflash's easier systems.

The two leftmost columns are for reading what hour it is, while the remain right columns tell the minutes. In the first column (from left to right), one LED blip means five hours, one hour for the second column, ten minutes for each LED lit in the third, and single minutes in the fourth. In the picture above, the time displayed is "10:15."


Barcode Black will cost you $180, but if you act right now it looks like you could score free shipping.

Product page [Tokyoflash via Technabob]