The concept behind Taser International's Taser Remote Area Denial system, or TRAD, is simple: Intruder detected, intruder zapped. We're talking an entire array of networked sensors and cameras, operating a battery of stun-guns, ready to incapacitate a threat at the push of a button–or the behest of the governing system.

Taser International is calling this setup its "TASERNET." Hoping to beef up defenses, these TASERNETs would be deployed around a variety of installations, like command centers, depots, and checkpoints, or even get hauled along during an air insertion or a spec ops assignment for (hopefully) non-lethal takedowns. Once a target is identified as a threat either by visual or by the system, said target is then stunned and remains stunned until authorities arrive. One mildly chilling detail is that the system can be programmed to identify foes on its own, cutting out the human operator.


If you were hoping to secure this for your home or small business, that might be tricky. The number listed specifically connects you to a "TASER Military Specialist." Still, check out the first link for one of those eerie military demo vids (if only to see a cow get tased around 2/3 of the way through).

TRAD demo video
TRAD site [Taser via Wired]