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Apple has gone live with their full line of iPhone accessories. And here they are:

Their biggie? $129 for their bluetooth headset with docking station/charger unit. The headset offers 5.5-hours of talk and 72-hours of standby, and comes with their Dual Dock charger.

Their mediumie? The iPhone Dock costs the same amount as the Dual Dock ($49)—but the Dual Dock offers a spot to recharge your headset while appearing to lose the standard dock's audio out.

Their PRie? The TTY Adapter is an adapter for hearing impaired callers, and will run $9.


Also of note: Apple has released their "Works with iPhone" logo, which labels accessories as certified to Apple specifications. (We're guessing that means we'll see this logo mostly on Apple-produced components.) However, devices not labeled as "Works with iPhone" may still work with the iPhone. And there is no word when the accessories are available (though we're guessing 6 p.m. is a distinct possibility).

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