The Apple Store has closed its doors, marking the home stretch for the 5th Avenue iPhone hopefuls. The line's swelled to nearly 240 people and has been penned in and condensed to keep the prospective customers from blocking the other storefronts that share a space with the Cube. Even still, it has curled around yet another corner of the building. We've walked up and down the line and found quite a few Gizmodo readers in the mix.

We came across a few folks who were actually keeping up with us while they were in line–including our 5th Avenue coverage. Better head for the hills, Mr. Frucci! They saw your comment about "nerd bombs" and are set to detonate all over you.

Some specialists from the popular Apple Store alternative, Tekserve, were in the crowd. They mentioned that they decided to come out when they saw the pictures of the line posted on Gizmodo earlier this morning, as it was looking pretty long.

Thanks to some cloud cover, the day's remained cool and not too bright. After the recent bouts of rain and weather, Apple couldn't ask for a better day to release the iPhone. We're almost there, guys and gals–four and a half hours.