Dear Giz readers: As you may know, last week wasn't normal. We were a little bit preoccupied with the launch of a certain Apple product, and judging from the traffic, you were too. It didn't mean we threw all the other news out the window. But it does mean a lot of it got swept under the rug.

In a normal, iPhone-free week, you might have been buzzing about announcements from the other big mobile carriers: T-Mobile introduced HotSpot @Home, a way to save mobile minutes by talking over Wi-Fi. Verizon Wireless upgraded its nationwide EV-DO data network to a faster Rev. A status. Sprint announced a follow-up to the LG Fusic names Muziq. (OK, maybe some of these stories were intentionally buried.)

In gaming news, Sony made some rumbles about the return of the PS3 SIXAXIS Rumble controller, while the Wii got itself a billiard cue.

D-Link was the first to get not one but two products approved by the Wi-Fi Alliance as draft 2.0 compliant for 802.11n, meaning guaranteed compatibility with the final draft.

In the world of home theater, Toshiba mounted a renewed HD DVD offensive, at long last announcing the availability of downloaded content on HD DVD players, and officially lowering the price of two models to celebrate. Meanwhile, the dubious hybrid Blu-ray and HD DVD format known as "Total HD" experienced a bit of a setback.

Dell wins a prize for most products announced while everyone was paying attention to something else:
New Inspiron Notebooks in Splashy Colors and Re-branded Inspiron Desktops, Plus a Slim-Trim XPS Notebook
A Speedy High-End Mobile Precision M4300 Laptop
A Full HD 24-inch Monitor With 92% of NTSC Colors
Of course, it did help that Dell leaked the best bits of the announcement in preceding weeks.

And finally, vacuum wizard James Dyson came to town to show Gizmodo how to wash and dry its hands, inadvertently sparking what will definitely be a historic Battlemodo between the Dyson Airblade and the Mitsubishi Jet Towel.

Are you caught up? Good, now get back to the home page and keep reading about iPhone, because iPhone news will never, ever stop!