Taser International is teasing us, saying that next monday we will be able to incapacitate enemies, evil car salesmen and unfriendly mothers-in-law by shooting their new tiny eXtended Range Electronic Projectile from a 12-gauge shotgun. But what's this XREP coming out of that barrel above?

The XREP is a taser which only weights 2.4 grams and has a volume of 0.1 cubic inches. So basically, it's a bullet that won't kill but convert the target into a trembling mass of Jell-o. Blue Jell-o hopefully. Yummy.

However, don't get yourself neuro-muscularly excited yet: even while the technology seems to be ready for demos, it will only start to get field tests this fall to be released in 2008.


XREP Product Page [Taser]