Boeing just presented the new 787 Dreamliner and even while 15,000 people were able to drool and marvel at this carbon-composite technological wonder, they just couldn't get inside for a surprisingly very simple reason.

No, it wasn't terrorist threats or crazy Airbus' ninja teams trying to destroy it. Everyone was able to touch every part from the outside and write "John was here" with their house keys, but nobody experienced the 787 from the inside because the interior has yet to be completed. In fact, the cockpit even had the windows blocked, so probably the whole thing is a big shell with most of the systems not installed yet.

Even while commercial airplanes' interiors are modular and defined by each airline, it's quite surprising that people couldn't get in or there wasn't a test flight. Looking at this, Boeing's promise of having the plane "complete" by July 8th seems a little bit misleading. We will have to wait until september to really see it complete and flying.


Still, I'm afraid my eurosnobish mind thinks the Dreamliner, with its 20% reduction on fuel consumption and more deployment flexibility, still kick Airbus' nuts, with or without a cool interior.