We showed you some preliminary action last week from the Georgia Tech-sponsored RoboCup 2007 competition, but spectators of the game between the Darmstadt Dribblers and NimbRo (from the University of Freiburg, Germany) tell us this quarterfinal game was the best match of RoboCup 2007. In this battle, NimbRo took down the Dribblers by a score of 8-6, going into an exciting overtime round after 5-5 tie in regulation. Did NimbRo go on to the finals?

NimbRo took the championship title, winning both the kid-sized two-vs.-two final game as well as the Teensize penalty kick competition. Team Osaka walked away with the prize for Best Humanoid Robot, with NimbRo bots taking second and third place.

NimbRo - Learning Humanoid Robots [University of Freiburg]