We heralded its coming at CES; now we can rejoice that Netgear's faster and thus aptly named Storage Central Turbo is now hitting stores. It lists for $200, but you have to supply your own pair of 3.5" drives. The combination of gigabit Ethernet networking and SATA disk support makes it speedier. Do you want to see how much speedier?

The following chart demonstrates the speed difference in copying each given file type over to the Storage Central Turbo. Although the chart says "Typical 100Mbps NAS device," we can safely assume that Netgear is, to some degree, referring to its own, original Storage Central:

Netgear boasts functionality close to that of a locally attached drive but with the convenience of being on the network and the security of having an automatically mirrored drive, if you choose that option during setup. On a PC, the drive actually appears as a lettered drive. Unlike many other networked storage drives, however, this one seems to want nothing to do with Macs. (Then again, in the System Requirements, Windows Vista isn't mentioned either.)


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