We have more stuff coming up from E3, but in case you've missed our live coverage of the Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo press events, here's a quick recap of the most important things:

• Microsoft's big Halo-themed Xbox 360 announcement came not with a bang, but a whimper.
• Still, that case does look pretty sweet. But so would a price cut.
• But hey, at least we saw some pink. Sadly, they were only pretty controllers.

• Nintendo's got some new hardware goodies on the way for the Wii, like guns and steering wheels.
• They are continuing the Wii Sports craze with an aerobic thing called the Balance Board, so you can get rid of Bowser and your fat ass at the same time.


• We're happy to see a smaller PSP on the way after all this time, though looks a lot like the old one we've got sitting around here. Somewhere.
• Sony Ericsson phones will be letting you chat in 3D with Sony's Home avatars.
• Like the rest of the keynotes, not at lot, but at least Sony knows how to win over reporters.