Ranging from E3 announcements to next-generation Samsung Blu-ray players, Tuesday's news was anything but boring. In order to help you catch up with anything you may have missed, here's a list:

• Gateway Introduces Colorful, HDTV-Friendly M-Series and T-Series Entertainment Laptops
• EyeClops Magnifies Anything 200x, Sends Images to TV Screen
• Zune Patent for Pay-Per-Squirt?
• Rumor Smashed: No Price Cuts For Xbox 360
• Samsung Unveils MM-X5 iPod Dock/CD Player Combo
• Hands On With Samsung's Newest TV Tech: Wi-Fi Plasma, LED-Backlight LCD and 120Hz Blur Reduction
iTunes 7.3.1 and Quicktime 7.2 are released
• Hands-On, Rock Band Drumset
• Official Wii Fit Video Shows Off Hula Hooping, Soccer Headers
• New PSP Slim Coming September, Kinda Looks the Same
• Nintendo Wii Zapper, Mario Kart Wheel On The Way
• Belkin N1 Vision Router Makes 802.11n Sexier Than Ever With Built-In Screen
• Apple Rumor Du Jour: Touchscreen Video iPod Set to Launch Next Month?
• iPhoneDrive Gives JesusPhone a Disk Mode, Sort of