Hey, you the Giz-steady crew. Don't worry, you don't have to show what you do, or make a break, make a move—instead, let us show you what you might have missed earlier. From Wii Party Stations to broken glass and flatpack fighterplanes, it's all here.

• Avatar machine further distances you from reality
• Build your own Spitfire fighter from (almost) scratch
• Snazzy customized gaming PCs from Commodore coming here later this year
• Wii Party Station thingy to put your chips and dips in
• World's largest telescope opens for business in the Canary Islands
• Gizmodo sommelier Wilson gets to the bottom of the Sony VAIO bottle mystery
• Motorola turns its PEBL into a ROKR
• A cellphone that thinks it's Megatron and transforms into a robot
• Smash some glasses and take some pictures of it, why don't you?
&bull Keep your beady eyes on AT&T thanks to a field test mode on the iPhone
• More speculation about a Beatles-themed iPod
• Apparently, Mr Peng's new legs are Recipicating Gait Orthosis legs, not bionic ones
• Gateway's new entertainment laptops HDTV-friendly and colorful—yay!
• Samsung's next-generation Blu-ray players are here and this time they support Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD