Weekends have grown bigger with our readership, becoming just too dauting for one man—even if that man was quite handsome, charming and funny—to handle alone. So pinned against the wall by tens of thousands of hungry gadget fans, we called in for reinforcements.


Haroon Malik is a gadget freak with a background in life sciences/human genetics. Yes fanboys, this means it's possible that he could one day gene splice a smartphone with your own DNA. That's what he promised, and we're expecting nothing less squeezed into his rigorous posting schedule. He's also a Londoner, meaning he'll write words like "colour," eat foods like Weetabix and use phrases like "my life before the Queen" with great frequency. So hit the comments and say hello.

Also, to everyone else who applied for the weekend position: we really do appreciate the response and hope we haven't deterred you from reading or applying again in the future. It was just that gene splicing thing that sealed the deal.