So, it's Tuesday. But do you ever look back at the Monday and think: Dang, that was the day I could have seen a real-life Transformer, got myself a fake foreskin, or played touchy-touchy with a couple of tables—since Sheena from accounts wasn't letting me fondle her? Now you can...

• A clever man from Oz comes up with a Linux MPX multi-touch table that could just give Microsoft a run for its money.
• If you're not sick of Transformer fever yet, then you might like to check out the real thing.
• Lego freaks of the world unite: Guess how many bricks were needed to make this aircraft carrier? Clue: A LOT.
• Doncha just love that Death Star with the AT&T logo? Apparently the carrier is offering non-iPhone plans to iPhone users, just like they said they would.
• Sprint has a couple of new cell phones on offer: the Katana II and Katana DLX.
• Special shoes for a special Darth from Adidas. Fu-huh-huh-huh-hugly.
• There are coffee tables and there are coffee tables, and then there are coffee tables which put on a motion-seeking light show.
• Software update for Sprint music store access, sir?
• No one can decide what is worse: the cowshit clock or the scary, overprocessed hair of the lay-dee modelling it.
• So glad to see that Gizmodo is doing fashion commentary again. This is a pillow-cum-wimple that would look good on our Chen.
• One skin, two skin, three skin, foreskin. Fake foreskin, to be exact.
• No more penis burn with theCoolerMaster Notepal Infinite. Slip between laptop and wiener and let scorching be a thing of the past.