You know that feeling of "that's it?" you had when you heard about Sony upgrading the PS3 from 60GB to 80GB and charging $599 for it? Sony's David Reeves had the exact same feeling. And he had the jalapeños to say it out loud. On the record. That's some spicy jalapeños.

Reeves says:

You know, the difference between 60 and the 80 gigabyte is very small. We just feel that going up 20 gigabyte is not worth it. If you're going to double it, it's worth it. So maybe you'll see something a little bit later, but 60 and 80, really not much difference.

In his defense, he was just talking about the hardware upgrade, not about the whole $599 pricing structure as a whole. Hey, they added Motorstorm in that bundle, a $60 value (if you can't find a used copy anywhere). [NextGeneration via Kotaku]