Remember our unconfirmed Tivo Series 3 Lite pics from last week? Maybe they're real, maybe they're not, but someone in the Tivo Community forums is claiming to know TiVo Series Lite 3 specs. They're almost unbelievably similar to the powerful Series 3's specs, but I know you can't resist even fake Tivo specs, so here they are.

- BCM740x DVR CPU w/ integrated MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 decoders - 1x dual MPEG-2 encoder (BCM7041 or possibly an encoder from LSI) - 2x Samsung S5H1411-based tuners (analog/QAM/8VSB) - 128Mb DDR SDRAM - 160Gb SATA HD - Smaller, lower-cost PCB - Cheaper power supply - No THX certification - No OLED display - Standard Tivo remote - $299 MSRP

I wouldn't bet one way or another on these being real. But, the quoted model number shows up on Google, while many of the result pages go blank. Strange indeed. [TiVo Community via Engadget]