From the sublime story of a teenage boy opening up what he thought was a PlayStation 2 he'd bought on eBay to find $90,000 in cash to the ridiculousness that is ciggie-flavored condoms, the Giz has it all—even poop masks for your "nether throat." Gundam, iPhone hacks, docks...

A squadron of unmanned aerial drones is on its way to Iraqistan.
• Is Nokia going to release a Transformers edition Nokia N93i? The signs are there.
• The man who invented the 3-D mailbox may be a millionaire, but he's short on taste.
• Jason tests a whole bunch of body hair-removing gadgets. Whose hair he removes is unclear.
• Fast and cool, the Ducati Flash Drive from Sandisk.
• Charlie White holds his nose and drops his opinion of Poof.
• A poetic haiku from Frooch about a stress-relieving wristband.
• Grrrrrrr! 59 feet of Gundam at the foot of Mt Fuji.
• The next second-round bout of dock Battlemodo—this time, Altec Lansing's IM600 versus the Griffin Amplifi.
• More docks: This time it's Sony's new boombox and clock radio.
• Retro styling from 1983 with Apple's phone design that people have dubbed the original iPhone.
•If someone had sent me $90,000 instead of the PS2 I'd bought off of eBay, I don't think I'd complain.
• Habeamos hack (well, a partial one). Someone's managed to partially unlock the iPhone, freeing us from the clutches of AT&T.
Condoms that taste of tobacco? No thanks, I don't.
• A million bucks and my old Transformers collection is yours. And I'll throw in the wife for free.