OK, dudes, I need some help here. I've had a sweet set of Yamaha 2.1 computer speakers for about eight years now. They've served me well, they sound good at a high volume, they're small and simple, and they even survived getting an entire can of root beer splashed on the subwoofer in college. Now, after surviving many moves and many computers, the right speaker seems to be dying. It crackles out and just stops playing, and it seems like it's about that time to finally get a new set. The trouble is, I don't know which set to go with.

From looking at stores like Circuit City, it seems like there's a big gap between the crappy, cheap speakers that run like $50 and the nice sounding but insanely overpriced Bose speakers that I refuse to spend $250 on. What do you guys use? I don't want a 5.1 setup for my computer, I want a 2.1, but I want it to sound good. I listen to it all day while I work, after all. So what's the best setup? Let's hear it, dudes.