We had an interesting mix of Apple rumors, laboratory innovations and thrill-seeking inventors make news yesterday. Here's what you may have missed...
•The father of the camera phone is sailing across the pacific, but he took the time to answer a few questions.
•Sprint and Clearwire join forces, hope to deliver WiMax to 100 million people by the end of 2008.
•iPhone nano rumors are back.

•Colorware will make your already fresh iPhone even fresher.
•Your plants will now call and remind you when they're being neglected.
Apple files a patent for a wireless iPod...what next?
•Ooma launches, wants free VoIP for all.
•Robotic fly actually flies for the first time.
•Samsung lets you edit video on your cellphone.
We like the new Sony Ericsson smartphone.
•Trips to space, starting at $100 million.