Ladies, is your muff hairier than a sheepskin shagpile? Do you want to get rid of all that hairy nonsense in 60 seconds? Then say hello to the Bikini Line Genie. These disposable pads will allow you to wax or shave your Southern regions, quickly, without risk of causing those irritating cuts and scrapes.

Hit the jump for more, including the the most disappointing NSFW pictured instructions you've ever seen.

The product works by:

"tucking between your labia majora to cover your more sensitive labia minora, clitoris and blocks off the vaginal opening so no foreign materials may enter".


As we've only ever seen those areas of the female anatomy in Gynecology Illustrated, we shan't be able to help with its application. The Bikini Line Genie's illustrated instructions seemed to be somewhat simplified, so don't expect any help there either. As long as you can figure out how to use them, each pack contains four disposable shields and retails at $14.95.

I'm insinuating nothing, but here's a link to Jason's suspiciously titled "Man Hair" post. [Product Page via Strange New Products]