The Fatty is an awesome name for a set of speakers. Designed by Hard Truckers, the crew behind the Grateful Dead's Wall of Sound, both cones (they're 12" Tone Tubby Alnicos if you're interested) and cabinet are made of hemp, making The Fatty as friendly on the environment as it is on the eye and ear. Not so easy on the pocket, however, is the price...

They start at $1,499.99. *Swoons*. For that, you get...

Two 12" Tone Tubby Alnico Hempcone Speakers
Patented H1E Hempcone
8 ohms each (16 ohms available upon request)
Copperclad Aluminum Edgewound Voice Coil
Rated: 40 watts on Valve Amplification, 50 watts on Semiconductor Amps
Cabinets come prewired at 4 ohms unless requested otherwise
32 oz Alnico Magnet (Ceramic Magnets also available)
Alnico Speakers weigh 7.7 lbs each
Full Tone Tubby specs available at
JBL E-120's with Hempcones are available

[Hard Truckers via Music Thing]