This Meeraboo-2007 ST-1 side table is a design concept by Victor Vetterlein, and we must admit we were more drawn to the scantily clad model with her strange-looking restraints than the table itself. Take the jump for an enlargement of this pic, and a possible explanation of her predicament. (Warning, somehow, it strikes us as strangely NSFW.)

Also entertaining was the bullshit prose, probably written by the designer, waxing lyrically about the "dichotomy between the curvilinear lower portion of the table (Q-Tips), and the hard edge linear shape of the tabletop." We also got a kick out of the designer's explanation about how that "vertical vent stack" on top of the table "suggests reconfiguration and adaptation."

The glowing golden light looks pretty sharp, but doesn't that "vent stack" waste valuable table space? Look at the picture above, and you'll see that the glowing orb is actually a lit-up compartment where you can store a few other things, reclaiming that lost table space from above.


But there's one thing that's still puzzling. WTF did that poor woman do to deserve the restraints with the two handles attached to some sort of gag, a pair of white sunglasses and a white choke collar? Maybe she's being punished for not wearing a bra. [Yanko Design]