Flash-based SSDs have come a long way since their 1995 introduction by msystems (now SanDisk). The problem constantly plaguing the motionless, rough-and-tumble drives has always been speed; even though reading data from any point on a flash drive should theoretically be faster than a conventional HDD, real-world performance just hasn't lived up to the hype...until now. Just how fast is Mtron's newest offering, the MSD-S2516? It posted speeds that surpassed even the 10,000rpm Western Digital Raptor. Hit the jump for the numbers.

As you can see from Maximum PC's benchmarking results, Mtron's SATA-based SSD is ridiculously speedy. Especially noteworthy is the PC Mark test, which simulates the kind of things you do on a daily basis. Virtually everything that requires loading, from booting up XP to launching PhotoShop, is significantly faster on the S2516. So why isn't every manufacturer rushing to stick these things in their latest machines?


There are two big (or perhaps small?) reasons, and they're both about the numbers: capacity and price. In terms of size, SSDs just can't compete with their traditional brethren. The tested drive was a paltry 16GB, and Mtron is currently offering a 64GB model as the top-o-the-line option with a 128GB on the schedule for 2008. Even at those small sizes, you'll have to drop a full grand for the 16GB and a soul-crushing $3,000 for the 64GB SATA drive. At almost $50/GB, SSDs aren't the wave of the future just yet, but we applaud MTron for their tremendous achievement. Toss us a reasonably-sized option that won't break the bank and we'll be the first in line. [Mtron's Solid State Drives via Maximum PC]