Sources—the best kind, unnamed ones—are telling Think Secret that the next version of the video iPod could hit as early as next month, but won't sport rampantly presumed features like a 16:9 touchscreen or OS X. Rather, it'll keep the same resolution screen (320x240) and run the updated OS we pegged as a pre-iPhone prototype. All of this will be crammed in a new, shorter body with Blackberry-like proportions. We're not buying it beyond the headline.

It's not too hard to swallow there's going to be an iPod update this year. But a new video iPod that doesn't at least pack a widescreen? Moreover, it's already been said by Steve Jobs himself that OS X-based iPods are coming—so isn't more than slightly pointless to develop and launch another, crappier OS in the interim, especially if, according to TS's sources, the OS X-based ones will roll out less than a year later?

Oh, and Blackberry proportions? Not sexy. [Think Secret]