Click to viewGoogle has its eye on us with its fleet of camera vehicles shooting pictures for its Streetview mapping service, so we decided to turn the tables and put our eyes on Google. Responding to our request for pictures of the Google camera cars and vans, eagle-eyed Giz readers have been spotting the Chevy Cobalts, VW Beetles and vans with cameras up top, all over the United States.

Looks like a nifty little new red camera mounted on top of some of them. Check out our gallery for shots from Boise, Idaho; Chicago; Whitemarsh, Maryland; Southern California; Evanston, Illinois; and Redwood City, California. This is an ongoing project, so go ahead, spot the Google Streetview vehicles and send in your pics!


Many thanks to the following spotters for sending in their outstanding photos: Jared Weeks, Derrek Smith, Mark Bagley, William Stone, Ryan Slagle and Matt Dunphy.