Yamaha's new 11.2 channel A/V receiver is certainly impressive, featuring HDMI 1.3 (5 inputs, 2 outputs), 1080p upscaling, 2 usb ports, and ethernet which can connect to a networked drive or Yamaha's MusicCast service. But for $5500, there are a couple of glaring omissions in the RX-Z11.

The flagship Denon includes Wi-Fi (and is $300 cheaper), but that's not such a big deal. I really wonder about the Anchorbay 1010 upscaler. Never heard of em before. (Could be me, but all I know is that all the big boys are rolling with HQV Silicon Optics right now.)


In addition to the RX-Z11, Yamaha released two cheaper 7.1 receivers. The VX-3800 ($1700) and the VX-1800 ($1200), feature many of the same video features as the RX-Z11, but lack the number of speakers, USB ports, and in the case of the VX-1800, an ethernet port. The flagship RX-Z11 hits stores in November.