We've got a winner in the Flash Gordon contest. Congratulations to Jeromy Pankratz, who got the most answers right in the Flash Gordon trivia game. Proving he's both really nerdy and really old. All the better reason to have a comfortable Gamepod chair. If you're curious as to what the answers were, they're posted after the jump.

Thanks again to Flash Gordon: A Sci Fi Channel Original Series.

1) What does the Lone Ranger have in common with Flash?
A. Lee Powell, who played Roka was also the first The Lone Ranger 1938

2) What cloying "character" was introduced to appeal to the little ones?
Gremlin, Flash's trusty pet dragon...

3) We all remember the Peloponnesian War from ancient history class (or, maybe not. Thanks Wikipedia!), but what was the name of the equally long conflict in the Flash Gordon series?
A. The Skorpii War

4) What is the rumored tragedy that befell the real life Princess Aura?
A. Flash Gordon actress, and original G.I. Jane, Priscilla Lawson supposedly lost a leg during WWII.

5) What connection does Rose DeWitt Bukater have to our beloved Flash Gordon?
A. She was engaged to the nefarious Caledon Hockley in Titanic, as played by Billy Zane, who in an earlier film portrayed Flash Gordon pal The Phantom.

6) There is evidence that Mel Brooks may be a Flash Gordon fan. What would that be?
A. There is a character in Blazing Saddles named Mongo, the same name of the fictional (we think...) planet that Flash and his team set out to explore.

7) What famous pair of lips have uttered the words "Flash Gordon"?
A. Those creepy bright red ones that sing the opening song in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The lyric is "And Flash Gordon was there in silver underwear."

8) Nerd Alert! Flash Gordon was parodied in what 2003 video game?
A. The Nippon Ichi game Disgaea. There was a character named Captain Gordon that parodied space opera characters, most notably our be-tighted hero.

9) What do the producer of Silence of the Lambs and Jake Lloyd have in common?
A. Lambs producer Dino De Laurentiis, who owned the rights to Flash Gordon at one time, turned down young George Lucas's proposal for a film series. Lucas later went on to steal, uh, borrow, many of the comic's elements for his seminal Star Wars film franchise; giving a young, precocious, unbelievably annoying Jake Lloyd his first and last big acting gig in 1999.

10) Quick, Six Degrees of Hans Zarkov! Topol to Madeline Zima, go!
A. Topol starred in the 1980 feature film Flash Gordon as Dr. Zarkov. Also in the film was 007 himself, Timothy Dalton who played Prince Barin. Dalton later starred in the Oscar-winning film The Beautician and the Beast with Dame Fran Drescher, who in The Nanny was nanny to, yup you guessed it, Madeline Zima.