Today the compact disc (or "CD" as the hipsters are calling it) turns 25. I know how you feel, CD. After 24, when you can rent a car and trash the shit out of it for only like an extra $50 in insurance, it's all downhill. But since Philips and Sony developed your form and birthed you in Langenhagen, Germany, more than 200 billion CDs have sold.

The secret to your success? I think it's not the "futuristic" silver finish, but a sweet spot of form factor that, while not as small as today's MP3 players, drove the success of DVDs and possibly next-gen DVDs as well. Happy anniversary/birthday Mrs/Mrss CD. Would anyone like to share their special CD moments with the rest of the class? I remember buying the Jewel "Pieces of You" for makeout music. I honestly don't remember if I ever "used" the CD. [pcnews]