An anti Disney game has made a reappearance on the web after a decade of absence. The games plot is so very bonkers, we suspect drugs abuse had a large hand to play in its derivation. Jump for an extract of the press release detailing the twisted story.

The year is 2015. Steeped in national debt, the United States reluctantly allows the Walt Disney Company to purchase the entire peninsula of Florida in the largest geographic acquisition since the Louisiana Purchase. Under its new president, formerly-ousted CEO Michael Eisner, the newly-sovereign state is renamed Los Disneys. Your job is to infiltrate the Magic Kingdom, blasting your way through animatronic pirates, holographic ghosts, tourists, security guards and even Mickey himself in an attempt to seek and destroy the frozen head of Walt Disney. However, doing so inadvertently triggers Eisner's doomsday device... unless you can stop it.

As everyone knows there has been many-a-conspiracy involving Disney, namely; the sexual innuendos in "A Whole New World," the sexual innuendos in "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" and of course, the sexual innuendos in "Most Disney Themed Music and Movies Intended For Children." That last one is not real; I made it up. Such things may have been the premise for this otherwise senseless violence. Who cares? If the antics of Pluto made you so incensed with rage you wanted to hurt yourself, get your game on...then seek help, you absolute loony. The game titled, Los Disneys, is available as a free download over at the homepage. It would be frankly irresponsible to link to such a website that propagates the distribution of this deplorable game, so do some (NSFW) searching yourselves. [Press Release via Raw Feed].