So you were out over the weekend playing Frisbee in the park. It is not that we mind, but you could have spared a minute for us. We feel like we just do not know you anymore. In an effort to reignite the flame, we are going to tell you what you missed, because we love you.
Hyposurface let us go drug free and still have a kicking time.
Cima reinvented the ladder, badly.
•We told you about the dodgy iPhone unlocking going on in Hong Kong.
•A German submarine from World War I scared us.
•AT&T gave their employees a discount on the iPhone.

Wi-Fired promised to increase the range of Wi-Fi signals up to 1000feet.
•We bought you pictures of the hotly anticipated X-Game 360 and Powerstation3.
•Cycling became safer.
•DVD playback came to your modded Wii.
Los Disneys game was released for free, it caused some controversy.
•To top it all off, Sony added some sexy Cybershot cameras to their line.