We're trying to understand why someone would buy this diamond-spangled solid gold iPod shuffle, which wins the prize for gaudiest second-rate music player. This one even outdoes that 18-karat solid gold iPod shuffle we pointed out to you last month, with this one tipping the more-money-than-brains pricetag scale of $20,000 compared with that solid gold shuffle's $19,343 price.

Adding even more expense and tawdriness to the equation are diamond-encrusted headphones. Although it's hard to decipher the Scandinavian language in which this is described, it looks like there are 430 diamonds festooning this otherwise utilitarian and screenless digital audio player. The irony doesn't escape us; at least they could've waited for the new iPod nano, and gussied that up with diamonds. Oh, wait, someone's probably going to do that, too. [e24, via LuxuryLaunches]