Morning. We got sharp-shooting snipers, and Samsung's new sliders. A war between Blu-ray and HD DVD. You can pick a hack on either a battery or the iPhone, check out the sexy new Canon and find out how Matt Buchanan is finding life in Japan.

• Lessons in how not to wave a gun about in front of the police: you'll only end up getting the gun blown out of your hand by a sniper.
• War! Hooouurrghh!! Good God! What is it a-good for? Absolutely nothing, says the Giz...
• Here's the easiest iPhone hack ever: install apps on the JesusPhone.

• Two Samsung sliders are heading our way: one is a UFO, the other is short, stout and will make the girls shout.
• I don't think it's going to catch on, really: that steampunk monocycle in action.
• Take a look at the Canon EOS 40D and drool.
• More hacking, this time a 12-volt battery has something lurking deep within.
• Vibrators made the news yesterday: one held up a bookmaker's, a bunch of them feature in a new doc on the history of vibe technology.
• And finally, the first of Gizmodo writerMatt Buchanan's letters from Tokyo - this week: washing machines.