It's a good day for people who love things that go really, really fast. Our favorite super electric car β€” the Tesla Roadster β€” has won an INDEX prize for being so damn cool. The INDEX prizes are the world's most lucrative design awards, given every two years for five categories β€” body, home, work, play and community β€” awarding winners 100,000 euros each (which is something like three million in US dollars.).

Other winners included the Tongue Sucker β€” a cheap first-aid device that sucks the tongue into its maws and opens up a breathing passage for anyone who may be seizuring in your general area β€” and the Solar Bottle, a device that optimizes a method of disinfecting water using sunlight and plastic bottles. Life saving technology aside, we'd like to salute the Tesla Roadster and admit we're a little attracted to it. [Reuters]