We got to see in person the Samsung's SP-A800B DLP projector. This beast is enormous and beautiful in person. The finish was sleek and glossy, as you can see in the pictures, and the output matched the looks.

Samsung had put up the obligatory home cinema setup. We went in and braved the movie version of Phantom of the Opera. And do you know what? It kicked ass. This projector was not a case of style over substance, actually, it was very good quality - and on a big screen.


It will be out in October in Europe. The SP-A800B will cost 4,999 ($6,818,) while the smaller SP-400B —which we didn't get to see in action— is going to be 1,499 ($2,044.). The good news: there was a Samsung guy who just came up from the US and he told us to expect pretty much the same kind of price over here, around mid-october, just in time for the holiday season.