Realizing that Samsung's BD-UP5000 was going to give the original hybrid BH100 a run for its money, LG announced the more competitive BH200 Super Blu Player for watching both Blu-ray and HD DVD discs. It'll cost $999 when it ships in October, and will include support and features its $1,200 predecessor sorely lacked:

According to reports, the BH200 will have HDi support, 1080p output at 60Hz and 1080p upscaling of standard DVDs. It will be able to play audio CDs, and go online for bonus HD DVD content. It can also access a full complement of Blu-ray interactive features—where available—such as BD-Live, Blu-View or Picture-in-Picture.


At a similar price and feature set as Samsung's BD-UP5000 Duo HD, and now similarly bearing both the Blu-ray and HD DVD official logos, we'll be watching both of these mofos when they are available. Now tell me, why would you want a disc player that only plays one kind of HD disc? [Electronic House]