A new Motorola clamshell, the Rokr U9 has had pics and specs leaked online. And what do we think? Well, smoked mirror effects and ergo-pebble-cum-designer sex toy do not a zexy phone make. See for yourselves in the gallery, then ogle at the specs below.

1.4 128 160 px 65K Color OLED display
Measures 90 48.6 16.4 mm
Weighs 87.5 grams
GSM850/900/1800/1900, GPRS/EDGE
2 megapixel camera (no autofocus, no flash)
1.8 QVGA 240 320 px 262K color internal display
MicroSD memory card slot
MP3 player
USB and Bluetooth stereo connectivity
Touch-sensitive keys.
But hey, I'm just a disgruntled Motorola user, so what do I know? [PC Pop via Unwired View]