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Here's a Japanese robot named Kiyomori designed to show off fully articulating knees that can bend and expand like human knees. Combined with the articulating pelvis that has 2 degrees of movement, it walks, they claim naturally. I'm not so impressed with its gait, which has been documented before, but note Kiyomori's glowing red eyes. Why does it have a full suit of feudal Japanese armor, a sword and 39 degrees of freedom? I'm not sure I know the answer to these questions, but I'm kind of glad it didn't draw its sword. Oh look, the brochure says it's "Ushering in the new world robot order" and will "spearhead the worldwide development of the new robot civilization." (Not kidding.)

Height: 160CM

Weight 74KG

Degrees of freedom: 39

Head: 2

Arm: 14

Waist: 3

Leg: 14

Walking speed: .5-1KPH

Power: NiH