Before I catch my flight back to SF, here are a few choice shots of my favorite fun at Wired's 2007 NextFest down in LA. Notable things include nano ferrite "magnetic fluid" solutions, prototypes of JPL's Mars rover running over Justin from (above), a giant disco wall that comes to life when your cellphone EMI hits its wiring system, Jeff Han's latest multitouch systems, a Japanese robot that looks like a samurai, complete with sword, armor and glowing red eyes, a few rainbow touch instruments like the laptop orchestra, some UAVs, one blond wearing body armor being hit with a shovel by another blond, hyper-efficient solar cells that can collect light from multiple angles, a supercomputer efficient enough to be powered by a team of cyclists, a bipedal robot with Albert Einstein's head. Lots of stuff, and I'll have videos of the rest, tomorrow. Mega-gallery here: