12:25 There's little doubt today's event is about Centro. We're here, and we'll just see how it goes while we eat lunch.
12:37 Ed Colligan is up on stage, says he's going to announce a new phone, but first, goes into marketing. Yay.

12:38 Why aren't people buying smartphones? He says it's because they've been big and clunky. (Well, not all, but certainly most Treo smartphones) They're complex. Kudos to Palm, they've been simple. They've been expensive, too, he says.

12:39 The Centro is announced, in red and black, $99 and on Sprint. Called the Centro because it's focused on the center of your life. For the guys with a life outside of work and help at work. For the at-home CEO.

12:44 Messaging is a focus. Text message and IMs. New way of doing it. You get the threaded text messages...like some other phones I know of. Has AIM built in, Windows Live, and Yahoo. All with presence detection.
12:45 Email apps and web stuff is the same.

12:46 YouTube, like Helio, is done through a YouTube site that doesn't use a flash browser. (Still different than the h.264 iPhone youtube.)

12:47 microSD card. Broadband, EVDO, "not an EDGE phone"
12:49 Danny Bowman on stage, President of Customer Equipment, Sprint. Sprint TV support, from 15 to 30 bucks.
12:51 Event Gallery support (server upload of images on the phone).
12:54 Questions.