The Palm Centro was a joke until the price dropped this morning. $99 for a full featured touchscreened Palm device is a great value. It loses the heft found in previous Palm Treos, and it's even a little bit...shiny. The only thing to be concerned with is that tiny keyboard. Despite it being targeted toward the same demographic as the Hiptop (Sidekick), it is much harder to use—think iPhone before you get used to it. I'm sure you would adjust; I mean, the kids, the kids, they would adjust. But man, with good looks, a low price, powerful features, and the shedding of the Treo brand name, they may have a hit. Gadget dudes, this is the phone to buy your kid who's not quite smooth enough to have a Hiptop, or your smart kid who knows enough about gadgets to want the extra features.