2:10 Colin Angle of iRobot is about to launch something. We'll let you know what as soon as he stops rambling. Our guess would be the iRobot Looj.

2:16 Do you believe? He's not turning people into believers of robots. He's turning them into lovers of robots.

2:18 Showing product testimonials. Attribution? Probably his family members.

2:20 A demo of a Roomba working. Not even a new Roomba. This is turning into quite a preamble. He calls a baby a mud machine and a dog a shedding device. Charming.
2:24 Still the demo. No news yet. Channel Steve Jobs, Colin. He's moving on to the Scooba demo.

2:30 iLooj is announced. Details, spilled by the FCC, are here. Available now from iRobot.com and for $99.

2:37 iRobot ConnectR virtual visiting robot is announced. It features mobile teleconferencing and has a camera and mic. Details on iRobot's website already; $500, but for $199 you can drive around the first set of pilot program models (READ: beta).

This image was lost some time after publication.

2:42 iRobot ConnectR UI revealed. Shows angle of lens tilt and zoom. Has a light.

2:44 The first closeup of the ConnectR. It looks like a red toilet seat. It could show some personality with different colors. Uses a recharging dock. Taser hack imminent, instant security droid.

2:47 Warning, the following photos are creepy. Remote play of board games, playing with your pet, etc...

2:49 Here's the FAQ