Click to viewAfter a Gizmodo reader sent us a photo of his amazing Star Wars-meet-CTU-meet-Firefly computer setup at the end of his LEGO Collectors Millennium Falcon unboxing images, we thought it could be a good idea to do a mini-contest to know what kind of cool rigs do you have. See the results and vote for your favorite after the jump. [Update: contest is still open until the end of Sunday. Post links to your entries in the comments.]

As you can see, some are rather normal an cheesy, even if they have two monitors (which nowadays is not impressive.) On the other side, there are some quite stunning ones.


Tell us which one is your favorite in the comments. We will count the votes and do a Top Three short list for a poll on monday morning, which will finally pick up the winner.

By the way, if you have another (preferably extraordinary) image you want to add, the contest is still open. You'll have until sunday to post a link to your image in the comments or send it to We will add it to the gallery and, if its incredibly cool, we could add it directly to the Top Three (and maybe make it a Top Four or Five.)