A little larger than a stick of gum, the swivel-flip action Samsung Juke is perhaps the funnest music phone Verizon Wireless has yet ordered up. The $99 phone comes in metallic navy, teal and red. Since it's 1XRTT only, not 3G EV-DO, it was designed to be all about sideloading your own tunes, rather than doing over-the-air downloads. It comes with USB cable and 2GB of internal memory so you don't have to pay extra just to get it to work right.

Definitely aimed to take on Sansas, Zens and nanos, the little scroll-click wheel phone has a few other charms, such as GPS with VZ Navigator, a VGA camera with "Nightshot," a built-in speaker and Bluetooth stereo output. The only physical downside is that, as crazy narrow as it is, it's a bit too thick.


It's set to arrive sometime this month. And yes, I know "funnest" is not a real word. [Verizon Wireless]