Someone claiming to be an AppleStore employee has taken these—obligatorily blurry—photos of an alleged Apple iPhone 16GB. You know our rule: never trust rumors. Check for yourself in the photo of the about screen, showing 14.4GB of available space: [UPDATE: the forum members at MacRumors have uncovered the fake. As we said, never trust rumors. And I owe Brian $50]

The images look legit under the magnifying glass. But actually, there's no need to doctor these in Photoshop: the first one could have been made in real life using a printed page, glued on the real packaging. For the second one they could be using a previously prepared screenshot as a full screen image in the iPhone. However, if they were were doctored in real life, why add noise when they can show crystal clear shots?


We won't have to wait long, however: he claims that they are going to release them "next Tuesday." According to this anonymous spiller in the MacRumors forums, "our store has already received ours." There's no sign of the fabled iPod extreme in the box or any mention to 3G, so don't hold your breath for anything more than the obvious storage bump.

I think it's a logical addition to the product line, just in time for the holiday shopping season, so my take is that they could be real. Brian, however, thinks they are not because they could have announced these at the iPod event. What do you think? Tell us in the comments. [MacRumors Forums - Thanks Nathan]