We've seen a few LEGO models that must have taken a long time to create, but this Pathfinder Space Ship by a LEGO aficionado who calls himself Grey Fang must be some kind of record. Check out the gallery, and then see the specs on the next page.

192 x 86 studs
67 x 30 scale meters




Exploration and Survey




Bridge (Seats 5)

2 Main Engines - each comprised of 1 jump drive and 4 manuevering thrusters

4 Escape Pods - two persons per module

1 Survey Spacecraft (not shown) held inside external docking loop

4 "Vulture" Aerospace Vehicles (stowed in cargo bay)

4 Reusable Satellites (external mount)

4 Reusable Jump-Capable Probes (external mount)

4 Armored EVA Suits

4 EVA Suits

8 Intra-Vehicle Zero-Atmosphere Suits

Laboratory for Medicine and Research

Surgery Bay

14 Crew Berths

2 Turret Hardpoints

4 Fixed Hardpoints




Commanding Officer (CO)

Executive Officer (XO)

Helm Officer

Navigation Officer

Survey Officer

Engineering Officer

Extra-Vehicle Operations Officer

Security Officer

Medical Officer (Surgeon)

Medical/Lab Technician

Survey Technician

Propulsion Technician (2)

EVA Technician (1)

Security Robot (3)




XO Quarters

CO Quarters

NCO Quarters (sleeps 2)

Engineering Spaces (2)

Crew Bunks (8)

[Grey Fang at Brickshelf, via New Launches]