Those crazy cats at Cellpassion are quite confidently picking November 6th as a proposed launch date for three new Sony Ericsson cellphones. Cellphonepassion has managed to get a few pics together, they are not great quality, but it offers a feel of what may be coming:


Apparently the handsets will include the W890i, which will be a 3G Walkman branded cellphone, have a 3.2MP camera, an accelerometer for gesture based controls and a refresh to Sony's Walkman media player software. The second phone in the supposed list will be the W380i, a lower end Walkman phone also toting gesture based controls. Finally, the last model, (which has been officially unveiled, but not launched), shall go by the K660i moniker and is designed specifically for Internet browsing. The launch details could all quite possibly be rhubarb, but we shall keep you posted on any developments. [Sony Ericsson, Cellpassion via BGR]