If you were dabbling your toes in the ocean and missed Gizmodo on the weekend, here's your chance to catch up:
•The Donkey Kong game got a huge reconstruction.
•NY got its first Jedi school.
•Wedgie proof underwear made an appearance.
•We found out flat screen TVs are awesomely reliable.
•The XO laptop sort of dropped price to $20.

•The UK iPhone indicated firmware 1.1.2 was well on the way.
•We compiled the best of Ben Heck's brilliant work.
•NBC hacked their iPhone...
•...in a fantastic parody of the iPhone commercials.
•Sony Ericsson's pre-Christmas lineup was supposedly leaked.


That's a wrap; be sure to catch us next weekend—you just can't keep skipping on us like this. We've got feelings, you know?