Click to viewIs the new 14th Street NYC Apple Store the biggest in the country? We knew it was opening soon, but this afternoon we discovered that the window blinds had come down, and we could get a full monty of the place. Here, courtesy of video jockey Nick McGlynn, is a short film and gallery of the store at its most virginal, before it gets soiled with runny-nosed holiday shoppers and hip, tight-pants-wearing Chelsea denizens on Friday. Here's what we know so far about this place, soon to be the East Coast Mecca of Apple-ness:

• The new West 14th Street Meatpacking District store is going to be the biggest Apple Store in the city, and possibly the biggest in the whole US.

• There's an entire floor dedicated to service.

• We were told the store would have "special services" just found at this store, too.


• The staff includes pro video and music folks who can give in-depth knowledge of software typically just found in the free workshops.

We'll be at the opening and press preview tomorrow, so if there's anything really exciting, you'll hear it here first. [14th St Apple Store Home Page]