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Gizmodo reader Ben Podbielski proposed to his girlfriend on Wednesday, using a pink Zune Original. Uploaded onto the player was a video set to a romantic ballad. As the '80s music faded out there was an instruction to turn the Zune over:

"Will you marry me?" was inscribed on the back. Says Ben: "I figured since you've given Zune tattoo guy some love you might be interested in my story." Well, of course, Ben. We at the Giz love a happy finish—sorry, ending—and nothing warms the cockles of our heart on a December morning than tales of love and bravery.

Ben's method sure beats the alternatives: "Are you sure, it's positive? Shit, we'd better get married then;" or the classic "aaaaah... urmmmm... eeeeeer... Willyou... ahhh... (gulp)marryme?" (muttered); and my favorite, a drunken proposal in a cocktail lounge on a Sunday afternoon (it obviously worked, I said yes.) I have one observation to make, however. Using be-mulleted romance-minstrel Glenn Medeiros' power-ballad Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You as your soundtrack d'amour is playing a dangerous game, Ben. Still, I guess the only way is up, eh?

The good news is that Ben's proposal was accepted. Congratulations from all of us at Giz, we're looking forward to making tits of ourselves on the dancefloor at the wedding.